How do we unblock Adobe Flash content in my browser

how to unblock adobe flash player
how to unblock adobe flash player
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As everyone knows, Flash was one of the leading web technologies, but Adobe Flash Player is currently blocked by default in almost all web browsers. Most browser developers (Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft) have largely abandoned plugins in favor of HTML 5.

 Flash is one of the few plug-ins that browsers still widely support, but Adobe confirmed that it will suspend Flash by the end of 2020.
 therefore, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox no longer automatically run Flash by default. Instead, you must select to manually unlock Adobe Flash content for use in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Now I show how to unblock adobe flash player?

1.Unblock adobe flash player on chrome

how do i unblock adobe flash player on chrome
how do I unblock adobe flash player on chrome
Google Chrome also runs Flash in one click to run only these days. The browser highlights Flash content on pages with a puzzle piece icon.

If you get a message in Chrome that the Adobe content was blocked, you will need to click on the puzzle piece icon and press the Allow button.

If you can’t select the Allow button to run the multimedia content, you might need to configure Chrome Flash settings as follows:

  • Press the Customize Google Chrome button to open the browser menu.
  • Click Settings to open the tab shown in the snapshot directly below.
flash player  crome
flash player  chrome
  • Scroll down the bottom of the page and click Advanced.
  • Then click on Content Settings and select Flash to open the options displayed in the snapshot directly below.
flash chrome
flash chrome
  • You can block Adobe Flash content by switching block sites to ask first for Flash (recommended).
  • You can add websites to the Allow list to enable Adobe Flash to run at all times. To do this, click Add, input a website URL, and press the Add button.

2. Unblock Flash in Edge

For example, Adobe Flash Player is blocked in Microsoft Edge even if the browser is configured to use the plugin. Edge includes an Enable Flash option on websites that use Flash.

To unblock Adobe Flash content, you must select the Always Allow or Allow Once option in the Adobe Flash Locked Content dialog box.

Adobe Flash edge
Adobe Flash edge
If an Adobe Flash locked content dialog doesn't open, then you should probably activate the Adobe Flash Player setting for Edge by following these steps:

  • To do so, press the Settings button and more in the upper right corner of Edge.
  • Select Settings> View advanced settings to open the options below.
  • Then activate the Use Adobe Flash Player setting.
Flash edge adobe
Flash edge adobe

3. Activate Flash in Firefox

Adobe Flash player
Adobe Flash player
Mozilla also reset Firefox's default Flash settings to request to activate in 2017. Therefore, the browser displays an icon instead of Flash Media when you open a page.

Clicking on that icon and selecting Allow unlocks the media. If Adobe content was blocked in Firefox, you can enable it on all websites by doing the following:

  • Press the Open Menu button in the upper right corner of the Firefox window.
  • Click Plugins or Add-ons (in Firefox it called Add-ons ) to open the tab in the screenshot directly below.
plugin adobe flash
plugin adobe flash

  • Now select Plug-ins to open the plug-in list shown directly below.
adobe plugin
  • Select Always Activate on Flash‘s drop-down menu
flash player
A short and quick guide on how to enable Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10, 7, 8, XP.

On this guide, you show how to unblock Flash in Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox. so if you feel this post is useful, then let know in the comments

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FAQ: how to unblock adobe flash player

  • What do I do if Adobe Flash player is blocked?

When Flash is blocked, click on the blocked plugin icon in Chrome Omnibox and click "Manage". This takes you to the Flash settings page, which you can also access from

Settings >Advanced >Privacy & Security >Site Settings > Flash.

  • How do I permanently enable Flash in Chrome?

How to enable Flash in Chrome

Step 1: Go to a site that requires Flash.

Step 2: Find the grey box marked “Click to enable Flash Player.”

Step 3: Click the button and then confirm again in the pop-up.

Step 4: Enjoy your content.

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